I'm a happy person

I'm a happy person. I swear I am. I sing in
the shower, and dance down the hallways. I
laugh and giggle. I do all the things happy
people do. I just love life, but that doesn't
mean I don't miss him. It doesn't mean that I
don't wish things had ended differently and it
doesn't mean that I don't get upset over the fact
that he doesn't miss me at all. No, it doesn't 
mean that at all.

 I'm not mad at any of my Ex's nor do I regret them, for they taught me many things. 

Nowadays people don't start caring about you until you stop caring about them.The truth hurts but you need to accept it. No matter how hard you try you cant rewind time. What you've done is done , if they are really worth it would they have hurt you, or not accepted what you've done. You cant do anything apart from sucked it up and move on. Yeah,move on.