I miss you.

I miss the words you used to say. I miss the way you used to greet me in the hallways with that smile, and I would just blush and walk away.

I miss the texts you used to send me, making me smile, and making my life a little bit more happier.

You knew everything about me. It was just so easy to tell you everything, without getting judged.

I miss the nicknames, the sayings we had, and all the small little things you would do.

You always made me laugh, smile, and love you even more. You always knew when i was mad, upset or sad, and were always there.

I miss the compliments, the facebook obsessions, but most of all, I miss the, "I love you."

I miss the advice. I could talk to you about anything, anywhere, anytime. We were so close.

I miss hanging out with you. I even miss the small things I used to hate about you.

You told me you would never leave, and that you could never replace me.
.. yeah well, you lied.


yes,i realised that

In the end,everyone becomes the person they 

promised they would never be

Pffttttt ;(