I am waiting for that One.

I am waiting for that One.

The one that sees me in the crowd, when I'm trying not to be noticed.

The one that watches me slip away to be alone, follows, finds me, and wipes away my tears with his own hands. The one that holds me tight and makes it all okay.

The one that goes after me when I run away, the one that fights for me, the one that grabs me by the arm, tells me he isn't going to let me go because he loves me. He doesnt give up on love. Ever.

The one that doesnt just stand in the rain with me, but dances in it with me. The one that kisses me in the rain. Because it means he's loving me through the storm.

The one that, when he looks at me, sees no one else.

The one that loves me fiercly, and forever.

That is why I wait. I don't know where you are, or who you are... but I love you.