SORRY,i know this word is not enough

When i leave you, my heart was filled with sadness
i hurt you and i know that was a mess
i brought you tears, i gave you pain
though you promise me nothing but you gave me everything

now that you're gone, i thought it was easy
but unfortunately it makes me go crazy
i miss you, i miss all the fun we had
but i know i can't go back 'cause i know you're mad.

SORRY, i know this word is not enough
but I'd still say this 'cause i know what i did from the start
i can only let you know that you're always here in my heart
wherever i am and wherever you are.

forgive me for all the mistakes I've done
and I'll pray that GOD will give you the right one
I'll never forget and i will surely miss you
especially the day say you said: "I LOVE YOU".